Kathy, Mother, Wolverhampton:


"Thanks for your pregnancy yoga class, I learned some fabulous breathing and relaxation techniques that enabled me to breathe out a 10lb 6oz baby without any pain relief or intervention!  I am forever grateful."



Hannah, Mother, Wolverhampton:

"We started baby yoga when Poppy was about 3 months old and we loved it. It was great to sing new songs and do actions that were helping Poppy develop. I grew in my confidence and loved to swing Poppy around, she loved it too! It was also helpful to meet other Mums, a great place to pick up good tips! I do feel it's helped her co-ordination and flexibility."

Nina, Mother, Wolverhampton

"Anandi & I have enjoyed all the classes; Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga! We have looked forward to the class every week - as you can tell be Anandi's smiles! I have also enjoyed the valuable 'me' time in the classes. We loved the classes - they are very different from other classes out there for babies and parents."



Gemma, Mother, Wolverhampton:

"A wonderful introduction to Yoga, a life long discipline. Emily has really enjoyed every (children's yoga) class. Thank you!"



Sue Tuckley, Family Support Worker, Dovecotes Primary School Wolverhampton:

"Staff have found that there is a positive effect after the (yoga) club with the children calmer and ready to work and more focused. The children respond well to Naomi and really look forward to Monday mornings. The relaxation exercise at the end of the class is wonderful to see and the children love the lavender (eye)bags and respond positively to the idea of relaxation."



Carol Gillen, Head teacher, Whitgreave Infant School Wolverhampton:

"We are amazed the difference these yoga sessions have made. Children return to class switched on to learn but also very calm after the relaxation session at the end. Teachers recognised the benefit after the first session and wish we had introduced yoga years ago! I would recommend Naomi's yoga classes without reservation to any organisation interested in providing healthy activities."